As an Approved Washington State supervisor and Designated AAMFT supervisor, I am able to provide supervision for master’s level therapists as well as therapists seeking supervision hours to meet their requirements for licensure (LICSW, LASW, LMHC and LMFT). I enjoy working with those new to the field as well as those looking for consultation in challenging situations.   I have extensive experience working with children, teens and their families, as well as experience treating adult individuals and couples.

I believe supervision is a collaborative process and should be firmly grounded in a strong ethical and theoretical foundation. I develop a working relationship in which expectations, guidelines, goals and contractual measures are mutually agreed upon.  There are some essential features necessary to both supervision and therapy that contribute to the progress and success of these practices: respect, a safe place, a working alliance operating within a well defined clinical setting with a clear understanding of systems, structure, hierarchy and power differentials.  Both therapy and supervision interventions are dependent on knowledge of theory and also competency.  It is also important that clear ethical principles of conduct and practice are followed.

Integrative supervision involves both theoretical constructs and interventions.  It can include concepts from one school of thought and interventions from a competing school of thought.

As an integrative therapist and supervisor, I believe that multiple lenses afford broader conceptual insights and more therapeutic degrees of freedom.  However, there needs to be an underlying theoretical framework.  The Integrative approach involves the well-considered mixture of theory, assessment, and intervention and can provide specific plans and strategies.

Some of the inspirations for my own approach include theoretical orientations and teachings of the following:

  • Murray Bowen
  • Carl Whitaker
  • Virginia Satir
  • Salvador Minuchin
  • Milton Erickson
  • Carl Rogers
  • Michael White

I understand that each supervisee will come to me with their own ideas and inspirations. I will always be mindful of the supervisee’s level of comfort, theoretical interest, preferences, and developmental stage as we collaborate.

I provide individual as well as group supervision and will run a supervision group for clinicians working toward licensure, which meets twice per month.


Financial Investment:

  • Clinical Supervision: $200.00/hr individual (sliding scale rate for clinicians obtaining clinical licensure)
  • Group Supervision: $100/hr per person per group of 3 or more